A leading (marine) institution for science, education, and advocacy in the VIP- the epicenter of marine biodiversity

To promote the conservation investments in the Verde Island Passage of the Philippines

Conservation of marine biodiversity of the VIP through science and education for sustained ecosystem goods and services and well-being of the people.

a. Enhance and expand scientific knowledge on the VIP marine ecosystem through transformation of local communities into a network of citizen scientists. The rich scientific knowledge from expeditions together with local knowledge will be used to train community partners to promote the sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity and resilience of people living in the coastal communities in order to maintain and enhance the benefits provided by its ecosystems (e.g., food, water and shelter, livelihood);
b. Develop strategic educational and training programs and materials (e.g., videos, comics, manuals, etc.)
c. Increase awareness of the underlying causes of vulnerability (e.g., degraded ecosystems, overcapacity, etc.) and how to address them through effective information, education and communication (IEC) strategies integrating marketing, branding, public relations, publishing.
d. Strengthen capacity of partners such as communities, local government units, corporations to support and adopt science and evidence-based approaches to biodiversity conservation including mitigation and adaptation.