SEA stands for Science, Education and Advocacy promoting science-based conservation in the Verde Island Passage.

The SEA Institute – Philippines, is a SEC-registered non-profit organization, with a commitment to use science-based conservation in the VIP (Verde Island Passage), the world’s center of the center of marine shore-fish biodiversity, for the benefit of the reefs and local communities.

The SEA Institute is a new consortium model that unites a diversity of stakeholders to coordinate research, educational outreach and conservation efforts, and provide rapid collection and dissemination of critical information, guidance to policy and decision-makers, and educational programs and materials to diverse and broad audiences. Such an organization is urgently needed to build capacity and successfully address the challenges of integrating sustainable economic development, including ecotourism and sustainable fisheries, conservation, education and scientific research. Governmental and non-governmental organizations, industrial, commercial, community, academic, educational and conservation enterprises must be able to work with the best and most current scientific and economic information.