The Framework

The SEA-VIP over-all framework shall adopt the triple bottom line approach or the 3Ps (People, Planet and Prosperity) to achieve sustainable development and inclusive growth. It shall be guided by the following principles which are part of the Verde Framework code and best practices:
a) Informed decision-making through science, research and knowledge management, appropriate technology, and environmental education;
b) Multi-stakeholder/community participation which should be broad-based and inclusive;
c) Compliance with national and LGU policies, rules, regulations, guidelines and protocols;
d) Adherence/support to international commitments and sustainable development principles;
e) Support to adaptive management;
f) Application of precautionary principle;
g) Support to socio-economy of communities aimed at improving the well-being of the people;
h) Observance of sound moral values and local traditional/indigenous knowledge system and practices (IKSP);
i) Collaboration with and integration/complementation of efforts with other stakeholders on key issues and interventions to maximize impact amid limited resources.