Roberta Lopez Feliciano

Roberta Lopez FelicianoRoberta Lopez Feliciano is Chairman of the SEA-VIP Institute. Her contribution is based largely on a desire and belief that every little ripple of action goes a long way. She majored in a BA Government at the Connecticut College and is currently the President of Yoga Manila which has several locations in Metro Manila. She is an avid scuba and free diver, a photography buff both above and within the sea, and likes nothing better than to read a book surrounded by her coterie of dogs.

Roberta has grown up with the sea as a destination for many family weekends and vacations. She has similarly passed on this love for the blue world to her two daughters. An increased awareness and need for action with regards to the Verde Island Passage (VIP) in particular, is born out of an intimacy with the area that has provided countless hours of enjoyment and an abiding sense of peace. Roberta would like to ensure that future generations, especially those that live and make a living by in the VIP, discover and similarly find a connection with the endless expanse of blue