Raymundo Feliciano, Jr.

ting felicianoRaymundo Feliciano, Jr. is Treasurer of the SEA-VIP Institute. He also handles real estate development and management of various family-owned properties, one of them sitting right by the VIP or the Verde Island Passage. A Economics graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, he has spent most of his career exploring and developing oil concessions. He has had short stint working sales for Gilette and facilitating agribusiness programs for the Human Settlements Development of the Philippine Government.

Of late, Raymundo finds himself pulled by call of the sea. He not only is involved in a boutique resort development in Anilao, Batangas, he has since been tasked to help conserve and promote the incredible biodiversity of the VIP. Having started his love affair with the sea water skiing in his youth, he has continued to pay heed to the siren call throughout his life as he plummets the depth scuba diving and more often with his coterie of four-legged children as they balance on his back while he snorkels.