Lobo Swim: VIP Swim Challenge

Lobo Swim: VIP Swim Challenge June 12
By the Malabrigo Sanctuary

Olympian Akiko Thomson Guevara and her husband Chips Guevara are making a big push for eco-tourismin in Lobo, Batangas, and has called it LOBO Love our Beautiful Outdoors. Lobo is part of the Verde Island Passage (VIP), an area declared as early as 2004 by Kent Carpenter and Victor Springer, renowned scientists, in a study for the Smithsonian Institute, as the center of marine biodiversity and evolution. And to formally launch this eco-tourism campaign, the VIP Swim Challenge was conceived.

Now under threat from large-scale mining operations, overfishing, and industrial pollution, the quiet beachside municipality of Lobo is pushing back by developing more sustainable and environmentally responsible sources of income. Because what happens in Lobo, affects the entirety of the VIP, the SEA Institute has partnered with the Guevarras in this swim event. With the support and scientific backing of SEA’s partners in the California Academy of Sciences and the Old Dominion University, SEA will give a talk on the importance of conserving the biodiversity of the VIP.