Kapit Sisid: Free Diving for Marine Conservation Update

The SEA Institute is helping implement a pilot project to develop tools and scorecards to monitor local coral reefs. In this two-year project, we will provide a baseline evaluation of two reef systems in the iconic VIP, and work with local communities to help them develop a set of monitoring tools that are relevant to them and a “report card” that will enable communities and industries to monitor the impact of climate change and other stressors on local reefs, and the success of mitigation efforts. The tools andlessons learned from the project will serve as a proof of concept for translating scientific data into meaningful community and LGU tools to address climate change and will be shared with a larger regional group of stakeholders, including industry partners.

This project is led by Dr. Wilfredo Y. Licuanan of the De La Salle University Bro. Alfred Shields Ocean Research Center (DLSU-SHORE) with scientists from the California Academy of Sciences, Old Dominion University and the Smithsonian Institution. The effort is funded by a grant from the Oscar M. Lopez Center for Climate Resilient Communities.
The first series of workshops and field trials were conducted in Barangay San Teodoro in Mabini, Batangas and Barangay San Juan in Tingloy, Batangas. Both communities lie at the heart of the Verde Island Passage, the world’s center of marine biodiversity. You can support these community efforts to protect this valuable resource by donating to our campaign at this link.