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Alain Maulion

More than a decade of experience on policy research, project planning, development, management and monitoring and evaluation including resource mobilization covering areas such environment, ecotourism, women and development, biodiversity-friendly enterprises adopting competitiveness and inclusive growth frameworks using tools such as ecosystem-based adaptation approaches and value-chain analysis and documentation of best practices. Has done competitiveness projects […]

Dr. Kent Carpenter

Kent Carpenter is a marine biologist who first started marine research in the Philippines as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in 1975 just after completing his Bachelor of Sciences at the Florida Institute of Technology. He was stationed at the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and initiated coral reef research in BFAR. He developed […]

Dr. Margaret ‘Meg’ Burke

Director of Science Integration and Operations Meg Burke is the Director of Science Integration and Operations at the California Academy of Sciences (CAS) in San Francisco, California, where she oversees the integration of CAS research with educational programs and works to help maintain smooth operational functioning of research efforts. Burke received her Bachelor’s degree in […]

Young Marine Conservation Network (YMCN) Working Group

T. E. Angela L. Quiros, Ph. D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California Santa Cruz, USA Masters of Environmental Management, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, USA Areas of interest: seagrass, tropical fish, small scale fisheries, terrestrial protected areas, marine protected areas, social-ecological systems, ecotourism, human-wildlife interactions Skill set: seagrass and fish surveys, […]

Dr. Rich Mooi

Rich Mooi studies the origin and evolution of echinoderms—a group that includes sea urchins and starfish. For more than 30 years, Rich has been finding both fossil and living new species and charting relationships among these highly diverse organisms using sophisticated microscopical and more recently, molecular techniques. Rich acquired B.Sc. (1981), M.Sc. (1983), and Ph.D. […]

Dr. Wilfredo ‘Al’ Licuanan

Dr. Wilfredo Licuanan is a Full Professor of the Biology Department and University Fellow of De La Salle University (DLSU). He is also the founding Director of the DLSU Br. Alfred Shields Ocean Research Center. Its Marine Station is where he conducts research, educational and extension activities pertaining to marine ecosystems and their interface with […]

Raymundo Feliciano, Jr.

Raymundo Feliciano, Jr. is Treasurer of the SEA-VIP Institute. He also handles real estate development and management of various family-owned properties, one of them sitting right by the VIP or the Verde Island Passage. A Economics graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, he has spent most of his career exploring and developing oil concessions. He […]

Dr. Terry Gosliner

Dr. Terry Gosliner is a senior curator at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and a leading researcher in the evolutionary history of nudibranchs (the colorful group also known as sea slugs). Since 1992, he has focused his research on the nudibranch fauna of the reefs of the Philippines, documenting the most diverse […]

Robert ‘Bobbit’ Suntay

Robert Suntay is President of the SEA-VIP Institute, a foundation that uses Science, Education, and Advocacy programs to protect the marine biodiversity resources in the Verde Island Passage. He is a member of various marine conservation organization boards including: WWF (Philippines), Studio H20, and the Network of Underwater Digital Imagers (NUDI). Robert believes he was […]

Roberta Lopez Feliciano

Roberta Lopez Feliciano is Chairman of the SEA-VIP Institute. Her contribution is based largely on a desire and belief that every little ripple of action goes a long way. She majored in a BA Government at the Connecticut College and is currently the President of Yoga Manila which has several locations in Metro Manila. She […]