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Fernando Modesto Art Exhibit

The SEA Institute is set to make waves in the Verde Island Passage (VIP). Through Science, Education, and Advocacy, SEA will use scientifically based methods alongside community-tested methods in preserving the bodies of water by the shore―primarily for the benefit of the communities that live by the VIP. To help us get a leg up, Fernando Modesto has generously agreed to make the SEA a beneficiary of his rare but much sought after shows.

Hamilo Coast Open Water Swim

WWF with the SEA are making a stand again ocean pollution and climate change. And to capture these sentiments, five top Filipino swimmers will stroke 13 km along the Hamilo coves, another beautiful part of the VIP.

Bobbit’s SEA talk at Beacon School

Robert “Bobbit” Suntay enthralled a roomful of grade schoolers with a slide show and a no-nonsense discussion on the state of our environment and its implications on the citizens of the world.