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Taking Care of Our Backyard: Verde Island Passage

As you drive through a town, any town on the outskirts of Metro Manila City, you will see homes hemming in the roads with patches of land in front and behind. You will see native greenery, flowers, mostly ornamental at the front; and vegetables lined up like children for flag ceremony at the back. You will also see the householder, sweeping to a rhythm, sweeping the fallen leaves, maintaining a sense of order and pride at their home.

Dr. Terry Gosliner

Dr. Terry Gosliner is a senior curator at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and a leading researcher in the evolutionary history of nudibranchs (the colorful group also known as sea slugs). Since 1992, he has focused his research on the nudibranch fauna of the reefs of the Philippines, documenting the most diverse […]

Robert ‘Bobbit’ Suntay

Robert Suntay is President of the SEA-VIP Institute, a foundation that uses Science, Education, and Advocacy programs to protect the marine biodiversity resources in the Verde Island Passage. He is a member of various marine conservation organization boards including: WWF (Philippines), Studio H20, and the Network of Underwater Digital Imagers (NUDI). Robert believes he was […]

Roberta Lopez Feliciano

Roberta Lopez Feliciano is Chairman of the SEA-VIP Institute. Her contribution is based largely on a desire and belief that every little ripple of action goes a long way. She majored in a BA Government at the Connecticut College and is currently the President of Yoga Manila which has several locations in Metro Manila. She […]


The SEA Institute is founded on the concept that by sharing the wonders of and benefits from marine life, people will be inspired to protect it and will be deeply committed to coastal and marine conservation through science-based approaches. Innovative scientific approaches will be adopted to mainly address environmental/ecological, socio-cultural and technological concerns that will […]

The Framework

The SEA-VIP over-all framework shall adopt the triple bottom line approach or the 3Ps (People, Planet and Prosperity) to achieve sustainable development and inclusive growth. It shall be guided by the following principles which are part of the Verde Framework code and best practices: a) Informed decision-making through science, research and knowledge management, appropriate technology, […]

The Scope

The SEA Institute’s primary area of coverage will include the five provinces in the Verde Island Passage, namely, Batangas, Occ. Mindoro, Or. Mindoro, Marinduque, and Romblon. The five provinces within the VIP are popularly known for their tourism values due to their historical, religious and ridge to reef endowments. In addition, it could also cover […]

Specific Objectives

a. Enhance and expand scientific knowledge on the VIP marine ecosystem through transformation of local communities into a network of citizen scientists. The rich scientific knowledge from expeditions together with local knowledge will be used to train community partners to promote the sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity and resilience of people living in the […]

Vision / Mission

The Vision: “A leading (marine) institution for science, education, and advocacy in the VIP- the epicenter of marine biodiversity” The Mission: “To promote the conservation investments in the Verde Island Passage of the Philippines” Over-all Goal: Conservation of marine biodiversity of the VIP through science and education for sustained ecosystem goods and services and well-being […]

The Movers and Partners

Like-minded parties who are passionate about sustainable development and inclusive growth composed of Roberta Lopez Feliciano (Chairperson), Robert “Bobbit” Suntay (President), Raymundo “Ting” Feliciano, Jr. (Treasurer), Ramon Araneta (Corporate Secretary), Federico Macaranas (Advisory Board), Terrence Gosliner, Margaret Burke, and Richard Mooi of the California Academy of Sciences, and Kent Carpenter—all conceived the SEA. They bring […]